Myflow is a new business launched with fresh branding and a new website. To achieve our goals, we closely collaborated with the company to attain the desired results. The main challenge we needed to address was how to effectively convey the company’s mission by creating a minimalist Scandinavian-style logo and website with flow elements to communicate the value of the team members and prove they are an excellent choice for clients.

As a result, created two unique logos—one for the website and another for printed materials—along with a distinctive ‘flowing’ website design. We also included proven results, such as client reviews, highlighting their award-winning status and the experienced team behind the company, positioning them as the best choice. Was implemented easy-to-navigate access to the booking system for clients, making it simple for them to find information. Additionally, was developed contact and registration forms.

As a result, Myflow now offers a dedicated platform where clients can access all necessary information and understand the company’s values. This has allowed to reduce manual tasks, resulting in more free time or increased revenue.”

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What My Clients Say

Oks Digital offers powerful visibility of your brand. Quality service. Lot’s of attention to every detail. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to put their business in the other level 💯

Toma Sarkauskiene
Toma Sarkauskiene

It's been a great teamwork! I am very happy that I had this opportunity to work work and create my website with Sandra from OK's Digital. It is a very complex and dedicated task to creatw one's website, often challenging and time-consuming, but Sandra did well in managing my expectations and creating functional product to use. Looking forward to collaborate more in the future!

Ausra Kuliesiene
Ausra Kuliesiene